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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

How to Nokia X2 Dual RM-1013 Play Store Add Full Solution

How to Nokia X2 Dual RM-1013 Playstore Add Full Solution
All Nokia Root And Play Store Add Tool
* Google Drive Link-Here

How to Add Paly Store Nokia X2 Dual RM-1013 Download App
1> First Download Tool And Extract Zip File

2> Go to Phone About And Press 7 Type Software Version

3> Now Go to Back And Go Devloper Option And Enable USB Debugging

4> Phone Connect Pc And Open Nokia X Tool

5> Now Open Command Tool 

6> Tool Tyep 1 And Click Enter Buttton
7> After Enter Button Click Auto Install Nokia Driver

8> ReOpen Tool

9> Show Installation Is Complete Press Any Key to Continue ( Enter Button Press)

10> Show, Choose The Number Of The Necssary Point And Press Enter: Press 2 Number And Enter

11> Show Any Key to Continue Press Enter Button 

12> Wait Some Time 

13> Now Done Root And Add Play Store

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